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We prepare this old-fashioned root beer right here using Grandma Gladys original recipe. One taste takes you back to the Sno-Cap drive-in restaurant on Velp Avenue where this tasty treat was a local favorite.

The making of root beer began in the United States as early as colonial times. Root beer making transformed water into something sweet and, more importantly, bubbly to drink. Many natural barks and spices were boiled down to create the flavors, sugars were added, then yeast was added to create the bubbles. The end result turned out to be a truly American drink.

In the 1950's and 60's, root beer stands and drive-ins doted the American landscape. Many of these seasonal businesses sold burgers and root beer from walk up windows or by way of driving your car into a stall and having server come to your window. These servers were known as "car hops." Your burgers would be wrapped in paper and root beer would be served in frosty mugs.

The Sno-Cap root beer sold at Titletown Brewing Co. has been perfected by Grandma Gladys, who owned one of these drive-ins. Her business, called Sno-Cap Drive In, was located on Velp Avenue on Green Bay's West Side. Glasses of root beer sold for 5 and 10 cents and gallon jugs could be purchased for 75 cents (with a 10 cent deposit on the bottle).

The founders of Titletown Brewing Co. are the grandchildren of Grandma Gladys. The Sno-Cap root beer served in the restaurant is mixed up fresh daily with the same syrup (along with some special ingredients). It is sold by the mug, by the growler (a 1/2 gallon jug) or by the bottle (available in 4 packs and cases too!).

Come in to enjoy a mug, then, take home some Sno-Cap root beer and drink a taste of history!


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