March 4th, 2012 Brew House Blog

What’s Brewing? This week we brewed a fresh batches of Canadeo Gold and Johnny “Blood” Red .

What’s Filtering? This week we filtered a fresh batch of Johnny “Blood” Red and a Belgian Golden Strong Ale called Busted Nut. The name comes from the incident in the brewhouse during the brew day. As David O. was knocking out the finished wort into the fermenter, the nut that holds the door shut stripped and unfermented beer came spilling out all over him—hence, Busted Nut.

Anything Else Happening?

Beer and Biscuits: Support a great cause on Saturday, March 10th at Stadium View in Green Bay. This beer, wine, cheese, and dessert tasting benefits Happily Ever After, a no-kill animal shelter. Tickets are on sale now. For more information, go to  (Plus, this is where our brewer David M. got his dog, Porter.)


Kewaunee Roar on the Shore: Saturday, March 31st we’ll be pouring beer at the Kewaunee Roar on the Shore brewfest in support of the Kewaunee Lion’s Club. There will be plenty of great craft beer and wine for everyone to sample!