March 18th, 2012 Brew House Blog

What’s Brewing? This week we brewed a yet-unnamed beer based on Vienna malt. When we filter this beer, we’ll add locally produced maple syrup. We brewed our next One Hop Wonder, this one with Centennial hops. Centennial hops are a US variety with floral and citrus aromas, sometimes called “Super Cascades.” This is the primary hop in a famous pale ale from the other side of Lake Michigan. And finally, we brewed another throwback ale in response to our recent survey of which beers you’d like back. This one is the Pullman Porter, a robust porter we last brewed in the spring of 2009.

What’s Filtering? This week we filtered fresh batches of Canadeo Gold, Railyard Alt, and Johnny “Blood” Red.

Anything Else Happening?

Kewaunee Roar on the Shore: Saturday, March 31st we’ll be pouring beer at the Kewaunee Roar on the Shore brewfest in support of the Kewaunee Lion’s Club. There will be plenty of great craft beer and wine for everyone to sample!