April 1st, 2012 Brew House Blog

What’s Brewing? This week we brewed a fresh batch of Johnny “Blood” Red, and our next throw back brew, the Maibock. We’re hoping to make it a true Maibock and tap it on May 1st.

What’s Filtering? This week we filtered our next One Hop Wonder, the Centennial, and our maple ale, Sap Sucker. We added a bit over 5 gallons of pure Wisconsin maple syrup to the Sap Sucker during filtration to give it a nice mapley flavor.

Anything Else Happening?

Beer Appreciation Series: Abby and David will host the final beer and food dinner of the season on Wednesday, April 25th at 7pm. We’ll be teaming up with Von Stiehl Winery for a Beer vs. Wine Steel Cage Match. During dinner, you’ll vote on whether beer or wine was the better pairing with each course, with bragging rights going to the winner!