brent weyckerBrent Weycker, Co-Owner, Co-Founder

Favorite Titletown Beer: Boathouse Pilsner
Death Row Last Meal: My wife's linguini and clam sauce
Favorite Word: Doppleganger
Color of toothbrush: Purple
Nerdiest Thing I Do Outside of Work: Read Wall Street Journal every morning
Favorite Film: Zulu
jim kratowiczJim Kratowicz, Chief Operating Officer

Favorite Titletown Beer: Bent Tuba & Ron Wolf Draught
Death Row Last Meal: Bone in ribeye with mashed potatoes (skin on). No broccoli - it can burn with me
Favorite Word: Kumquat
Color of toothbrush: Blue & White
Most Inspiring Part of Job: The combination of working on serious business and also being the fun going beer company.
Favorite Film: Godfather Part 1 & 2
joofyJeff Schermetzler, Executive Chef

Favorite Titletown Beer: Hopulation Pale Ale
Death Row Last Meal: Liver & Onions
Favorite Word: Cantelope
Nickname: Joofy
Most Inspiring Part of Job: Bringing people together with food
Nerdiest Thing I Do outside of Work: X-Box - Call of Duty
Summer Activities: Watching the Brewers & hanging at the cabin
Idol: Graham Kerr and Grandma
jd gildemeisterJD Gildemeister, General Manager

​Favorite Style of Beer: India Pale Ale
Favorite TBC Beer: Green 19 IPA
Death Row Last Meal:  Oysters
Nickname: JD
Nerdiest Thing I Do outside of Work: Bookworm & Podcasts
Summer Activities: Kayaking & Camping
Favorite Lion King Character: Rafiki
What Annoys You: Lazy people
jenna farronJenna Ferron, Controller

Favorite TBC Beer: Haze A’Peel & Ludicrous Lager
Death Row Last Meal: Ribeye | Cooked Medium Rare with mashed potatoes
Favorite Cereal: Before I was lactose intolerant? Captain Crunch (especially the berries)
Favorite Summer Activity: Lounging on the beach - looking for glass stones
College Nickname: J-Train or Stretch
Favorite Word: Cattywampus
kate beauchampKate Beauchamp, Lead Event Coordinator

Favorite TBC Beer: Green 19 IPA
Death Row Last Meal: Surf n Turf
Favorite Cereal: Honey Bunches n Oates
Toothbrush Color: Purple
Nickname: Kit Kat & Kate Panda
Most inspiring part of your job: Planning an event from start to finish and making a client's vision come to life.
Favorite Word: Charcuterie
heather ludwigHeather Ludwig, Brand Representative

Favorite Style of Beer: American Pale Ale
Favorite TBC Beer: ABCD ESB
Death Row Last Meal:  Fried Chicken w/ mashed potato no gravy, lots of butter! Mac n Cheese & Green Beans.
Nerdiest Thing You Do Outside of Work: Co-president of a Book Club
Favorite Summer Activity: Hiking
Toothbrush Color: Green
Favorite Lion King Character: Pumba
Favorite Word: Nougat
krystina engebosKrystina Engebos, Distribution & Production Manager

Favorite Style of Beer: Session IPA
Favorite TBC Beer: Hopulation Pale Ale or Kitties
Death Row Last Meal:  Wood Fired PIzza w/pepperoni, banana pepepers & pineapple
Nerdiest Thing You Do Outside of Work: Collect rocks
Favorite Summer Activity: Gardening
Toothbrush Color: Purple
What Annoys you: Untidy/messy people
Favorite Word: Fu%K
Favorite Cereal: Cinnamon Life
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